IMO, this NYTimes series of articles is very well done. To see past columns which include topics such as 'should I buy pet insurance?,' 'handling puppy biting,' etc., click on this link below in which there's a list, brief descriptions of each previous column, and links to the previous articles.

Yesterday's NYTimes article:

The Puppy Diaries
by Jill Abramson

We were still digesting our dinner and I wanted to hang out longer with my relatives at our traditional potluck Thanksgiving feast. But I saw Henry looking at his watch: Scout was waiting for us at home.

Although my cousin had kindly invited Scout to come along, she’s not yet well-trained enough for us to feel confident that she wouldn’t bring havoc with her.

Momentarily, I wondered what could have possessed us, at this point in our lives, to tie ourselves down to a puppy’s inflexible schedule when our children are grown up and we could be enjoying a level of freedom unimaginable before. Why are our floors once again strewn with brightly colored toys? Why am I up at dawn walking in the rain and wind, when I could be cozily inside, drinking coffee?...............

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