Down does not mean pounce!
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Thread: Down does not mean pounce!

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    DefaultDown does not mean pounce!

    Hey all!

    Lalie's doing great and has gotten her second set of shots now, yay! One step closer to being able to take her out. In the meantime, we're playing a lot inside and I'm training her some. She's gotten sit, let go and no bite but somehow she thinks down means "pounce on mommy's hand!" I don't even have the treat in that hand, but no matter how far she is from it, she pounces, lays down with her two paws on top of my hand then looks up at me for her treat, quite proud of herself. I don't even know how this happened!

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to turn this into an actual down instead of a pounce?

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    How about starting her in a "sit" position and then using the "down: command? Keep a high value treat just under her nose and slowly move it down so she follows the treat. Then after she masters "down" without pouncing this way you can work on the "down" command while she is standing, etc.
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    Just to say that it takes time and don't get too disheartened unless you get to two years old and she still hasn't "got it "

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