Using crate for naps? Advice Please
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Thread: Using crate for naps? Advice Please

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    DefaultUsing crate for naps? Advice Please

    I think we're finally getting this crate thing. Molly has been driving us nuts because she just can't seem to play/chew on anything for more than a second or two at a time. She goes for the furniture, electric wires, and anything else she can spot and goes from one thing to another and on and on and on and on.....

    I'm not sure if this is normal or not????? Do all puppies do this? Should she not have found a "favourite" thing by now? We have bought her lots of things to choose from including bones, antler, squeaky toys, cardboard boxes, kongs etc. but she's not really interested in anything specific. We try to distract her every time she chews something inappropriate - and we do it every time - sometimes this results in her trying to chew US - but we try to be patient.

    This morning she was really getting on our nerves so into the crate she went - well it turned out she was tired! So I smeared a tiny bit of cheese into her kong and put her in there with it, and closed the door. She's been in there dozing and sleeping for about 45 minutes.

    So is this what's appropriate to do? Is it true that we can crate her for an hour for each month of her age? And I don't mean an enclosed crate. She has a cage that's large, and open wire, with a nice comforter in it and she goes in and out with toys etc. and sleeps in there at night. We just move it into the kitchen during the day.

    She would be in there for her morning nap, then again for her afternoon nap, and then again while we eat dinner. Is this too much? thanks for any advice!!

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    Use the crate for timeouts and naps at this age. A Kong with high value trearts will go a long way to making this a
    pleasant experience. Good luck!
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    Please make sure your house is puppy proofed! There should not be any (or VERY few) visible/accessible electric wires for her to chew on.

    She is a puppy, attention span of milliseconds is normal! Don't expect so much of her so soon She will settle on a favourite once she has discovered & explored EVERYTHING ELSE! Include yourselves in the "chewing something inappropriate" category and make sure you redirect her yet again to the nearest chew toy as you say "No Bite"

    Puppies like to bite, they use their mouths to explore things, so use the same technique & correct EVERY time and it should resolve very soon.

    Time outs in the crate is a great idea, always best to do so in a positive way & when she is tired enough to sleep or as you did include a kong to keep her busy. She will get on your nerves from time to time, it is a lot of work with a puppy and the safest place for her when you need a time out is in her crate when she won't be supervised. The crate times you use don't seem to be too much, though I would recommend starting to train her now how to behave while you have your dinner.

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    Thanks for that. We are starting to realize that she gets tired pretty quickly and that it's ok to put her in the crate. She does go in there and settles for awhile with the door open and when we leave her alone and stay quiet she falls asleep. I think we are over stimulating her to some extent by playing with her too much. We are learning more than she is!!

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