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    DefaultCurly hair?

    Hi, I', Jay, a new dog owner and a new member.

    First of all I want to everyone for their input and suggestions. With your help on many issues I have had with chopper I wish one day to be able to help other new members with their issues. Thank you all.

    When we first saw chopper he stood out with his beautiful straight and nice light tanish fur, which propelled us to select him. Four weeks later his fur is curly with a more brownish look. Despite much effort to comb and "straighten" his fur, he now has a very distinguishable "brown stripe" down his back. What could I do to help his coat?



    Thank you for reading.

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    There's nothing to help. This is natural. They can have a slight wave down their back, and as yellows age, their coat shading may change.

    There's nothing to change...Your dog is normal.

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    Diesel had super straight fur as an 8wk old pup too. I'm not sure when the wave started, but it is noticeable, he has a thicker area of his coat down the center of his back. I didn't worry about it, some people asked if he was a Curly Coat Retriever, I told them no, those are just his Superman curls

    Nothing wrong & no way to straighten them.

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    There is nothing you can do to help the curls. They just happen. I have two from the same litter....Zoey my yellow has super fine straight hair. She has a brown strip down her back that didn't show up when we got her. Leo my black boy was all fuzzy and cute....sure enough a week after we got him we noticed a light curl down his back like yours. Two months later he still has it and it's nice and thick unlike his sister. I'd embrace it. It is very cute!

    Leo and Zoey - born 4/21/12. The loves of my life (other than the hubby)

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    Its a sign of a dog that will have a correct coat. It's not supposed to be thin, tight and shiny. It is supposed to be dense, often wavy down the middle of the back and wiry.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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