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    DefaultNew puppy New member!

    Hey now! New member with a new rescue 8 month old lab mix. She is about 24" tall sitting up and about 36" stretched out. Weighs about 44lbs. I have no idea how much bigger she will get so I bought a 42" crate. Just wondering if this is a good seems so big. I do have a divider. Would she be okay in the 36"? Was just worried that the 26" height on that crate wouldn't be tall enough.

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    Congratulations, she is really pretty! Personally, I would stick with the crate you already have.
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    She's a pretty girl! A real beaut! What is her name? Where are you located?

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    I always like getting a bigger crate (especially if they are going to be in there long) so the 42" should be good. she probably won't need the divider - unless she is completely un-house trained and starts peeing in the crate (I would personally start without the divider). they are ment to help house train, once the dog is reliable you remove them so they have the entire crate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sophiesmama View Post
    She's a pretty girl! A real beaut! What is her name? Where are you located?
    Her pound name is Moab. We are working on coming up with a better name. I had wanted a dog for years and years but due to work, life, etc it was never conducive to having one. Now that I am a homeowner and my son is 12, it seemed like a good time. Spent a couple months reading and looking. I knew I didn't want a young puppy as the dog will need to be crated while I am at work though I will come home at work.

    We are located near Asheville, NC. Yesterday we were at a great local rescue called Brother Wolf. To be honest, I wasn't really interested in getting a lab but my son saw her and we asked for more information. She had been found on a hiking trail in Linville Gorge which is a national forest area. The person that found her took her in and did some great work with her but couldn't keep her. She is house and crate trained. She does great on a leash and knows sit, shake, and lie down.

    We took her for a walk and she was wonderful. Her training really showed and it was obvious she was the one for us.

    The first day at home was great and I am off work until Tuesday to help her get used to her forever home. We just got back from our morning walk. I couldn't be happier and she seems happy as well.


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