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    DefaultQuestion about an under ground fence

    After reading through pages of posts on a different thread, it got me to thinking. Our home has an underground fence from the previous home owner (they had 2 labs). We plan on using this once our lab is old enough. She does very well with basic training, but we would still like the idea if we need to run inside the house for a few minutes, we wouldn't have to worry about her. I understand that under ground fences are not a 100 percent solution (i.e. collar batteries getting low, some dogs do not care about the shock, etc.), but at what age should our puppy be before we finally turn on the fence. We do not want her to be too small and cause actual harm to her.

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    I don't know if there is an age guideline, but I do remember seeing a weight guideline. I would check the manufacture's website for that info.

    The most important thing is the training. You will want to set up boundary flags (inside where the dog will actually get a shock), and do LOTS of boundary training before turning the fence on. has a good training program on their website, you can probably find other training programs elsewhere on the Internet. It is important that the dog understands the boundary, and understands the consequences of going near the boundary. You don't want the dog to be afraid of the yard, and understanding the boundary is the key to this. Good luck! It does work very well if it is trained well, and if you understand all of the caveats (which is sounds like you do).
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