Puppy and Cat- what is it supposed to look like?
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Thread: Puppy and Cat- what is it supposed to look like?

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    DefaultPuppy and Cat- what is it supposed to look like?

    So Monti is now a 10 week old lab puppy. His life just consists of in the house, yard and short car rides...puppy class starts next week. The biggest adventure is dealing with our kinda mean (always been mean) rescue feral cat. Now normally we have mastiffs and the cat has found her place. Mostly avoid the dogs. The cat has now outlived the dogs.
    And Now we have this cute adorable lab. The funny thing is the cat and the pup are equally curious. I have never seen the cat so "look at me ". But if she walks on the ground the pup gives a chase. Claws- hissing- spitting...the works. Puppy gets excited, scared but doesn't back off.
    If I have him in a sit stay leave it while she is above him...he will listen. During a chase I will call him and I get nothing at first. After calling him a few times he finally comes, do I treat him even if it took a few times? How am I supposed to do this so neither one will get hurt. The cat is indoor outdoor and has a safe place to go. She has outsmarted meaner dogs. I keep them seperate most of the day. Should I leash him (haven't really started leashing him yet), treat him, distract...I need consistency. This puppy is amazing, I think this could work just not sure how. I appreciate any advice. Maybe there is something I am not seeing. I hope this isn't going to ruin him from other animals.

    Thank you for your time

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    Cats generally will avoid confrontation if they can ! The Pup may eventually outgrow the chasing behaviour so as long as the Cat has an escape route and you keep doing what you are doing to keep the pup safe, the situation will probably find it's own solution withe them respecting each other especially if you train the pup not to chase the cat by doing what you are doing.

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    Thanks for asking this. We're looking to get a puppy and also have a cat so I'm sure we'll be dealing with similar issues. I don't have dog experience so take this with a grain of salt: but from what I've read here you are only supposed to call the dog over once and then if he does not come you go and get him. I'm not sure if that applies in a hostile environment like this or not but just wanted to share what I've read on here. The fact that he does come to you eventually is a good sign. Good luck and congrats on your pup!

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    try not to let the puppy get into a mode where cat chasing is fun ... my cats are so cool with puppies now that I forget what a challenge it can be helping them all get along

    but some tips I've found

    let the cat be up higher than puppy (less likely to bolt that way as they feel more secure)
    one handler for each of cat and puppy - security
    try not to interfere too much - a gentle, or a pat is ok but the idea is for them to learn mutual respect and limits
    if puppy isn't coming let them drag a light lead and that way you can stop chasing without appearing to be involved ...

    here is a link to short blog on the topic
    Agility Addict: Cattitude... and more...

    enjoy every stage!

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