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    I found the perfect place for Monti to go to puppy kindergarten. It is very clean, and has a good reputation. All pups are required to have 2 sets of vacinations. They do not socialize except in an area specifically for puppies attending the class. Ideally I would love to keep him in my yard, but I want a healthy well rounded dog. Monti is only 9 weeks old and can start next week.

    Here is my problem. He is frightened of the car. When I brought him to the vet I crated him and he cried the whole way, he was so distressed and made quite a mess. So for the last few nights I have been sitting in the back seat with him uncrated while my husband drives around the neighborhood. He is actually fine with that. But then we try in the crate and he just howls and cries the whole time.

    The school is about 15 minutes away and I would be bringing Monti myself. Is there something I am not thinking of I could buy or use that isn't a crate to keep him safe. I don't want him to be to stressed out for "class". Or should I hold off until he is more accoustomed to the car?

    In the house Monti has been using the crate to sleep and for when I run errands with little fuss.

    thank you for your time.

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    See what he's like with a cloth over the crate ?

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    Maybe you could try using a seatbelt for dogs?

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    I use the harness restraint that fastens in to the seatbelt with wonderful results. They are fairly inexpensive and very secure. That would be the first thing I would try. It will save you from having to move the crate in and out of the car right now also. Good luck!
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