Too soon to socialize - without all vaccinations
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Thread: Too soon to socialize - without all vaccinations

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    DefaultToo soon to socialize - without all vaccinations

    Im a new lab owner and I've had a wonderful week with my new chocolate lab puppy. I traveled from Portland Oregon to southern california with him and tried to avoid exposure to other dogs and parks but of course he did have interactions. I'm worried that he might get sick... He has only had one round of shots and is only 7 weeks. I hope someone can tell me that he will be ok. He isn't showing signs of sickness but I'm just a worried new mom. Any help would be appreciated.

    Maria and Lassen

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    if you have concerns about your dog's health it is best to talk to a vet, professionals.

    socialization must start early but you do so safely. Find puppy kindergarden classes (made for dogs who have not had all their shots) which are perfect. Have the puppy meet lots of different people (hats, ponchos, umbrellas, bears, kids, teenagers, boys, girls, walkers, canes). you can do this at home or at friend's homes (if they have a dog, their dog should be healthy and up to date on their shots if you go). you can bring the dog on car rides. Carry him in stores like home hardware that allow dogs (put him on a blanket in the cart). He can meet other dogs that are friendly and up to date on their shots.

    Do find out (via your vet) if your area is particularly bad for parvo or other issues for puppies, in some area you need to be more careful than others.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    You really do have to avoid interactions with dogs you don't know unless it is in a controlled environment (puppy K class) where you can be assured with some degree of certainty that the dogs are safe. Meeting adult dogs on the street is just not safe at this point. If it means you come off as rude and pick up your puppy to avoid the contact - you do that.

    Do try to avoid taking him for pee breaks in areas that get a lot of dog traffic too. Parvo can live on surfaces. You don't need to be paranoid - just use good judgement.

    No walking on the floor in pet stores, no floor contact at the vets until he has more immunity.

    That said - all of what Tanya says applies.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    Great!! Thank you. I feel I've done a pretty good job at those things. I plan on taking him to the vet hopefully Monday. That puts my mind at ease a little more. Thanks!!

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