9 week old pup...when to start obedience training
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Thread: 9 week old pup...when to start obedience training

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    Default9 week old pup...when to start obedience training

    i started house breaking my little buddy he is doing great. i have a crate for him that i started putting him in for 30 mins to an hr so he can get use to it..i also leave it open when im home so he can go in and out when he wants. now i want to start obedience training but its extremely hot out and i dont want to over do it with him..what should i start doing and whats the best way to train him so he can learn fast and still have fun at the same time? any help would be great thanks...

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    Find a puppy kindergarten or good manners class near you. We started with our trainer at 12 weeks and the facility is indoors although we do use outside areas, weather permitting. It has been the best money I ever spent, after my puppy that is!
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    start training now (in teh house). Keep sessions short (5 minutes is good) and do a few over the day.

    I HIGHLY recommend puppy classes. They help training and socialization right away, and are ment to be a safe place for puppies that have not had all their shots. Most dog training schools offer puppy classes.

    Keep training light and positive, if you get frustrated stop. you can use treats as reward but do nto lure the dog. Show the dog what they are working for them put away the treat (out of site, not in your hands). mark the exact moment the dog does as you asked with a "yes!" which gives you tiem to get the treat and give it to them. Treat each time until they get it 80% of the time then quickly change to sporadically treating (not every time, but keep them guessing)
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