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    DefaultCrate training question!

    We have had our lab mix pup, Piper, for 9 weeks, since she was 5 weeks old.

    We started off with a large wire crate, partitioned off since she was so little, in our bedroom. However, the first night she cried and cried, as was to be expected. My boyfriend decided to try the travel crate we had, much smaller, and similar to what she was in at the rescue with her mom and littermates. She didn't cry in that crate.

    We also used the little crate as her sleeping place during the day and when we would leave, so we used to bring it back and forth from the living room to our bedroom. Then, I decided at probably.....8 weeks to try her out in the big wire crate again. She did fine.

    So now, our routine is she sleeps in our bedroom in the wire crate at night. During the day and when we leave the house, we gate her in the kitchen and typically crate her in the small crate. If I know I will be gone at work for too long, i leave the door to the little crate open.

    Now, that's all the background. At this point, she is about to outgrow the small crate. When I looked it up again online, that makes sense cause it is meant for 15-20 lbs max, and she is almost 20 lbs.

    I like having her wire crate in our bedroom, but I don't know that we want to put her in there when we leave the house?

    SO should I buy a bigger travel crate to keep in the kitchen as we have been doing, or just transition her to the wire crate full time? And should I leave the wire crate in the bedroom, or move it to the living room full time?

    Thanks for any advice you have to offer!

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    As she is already used to the kitchen when you aren't home can you still gate her in the kitchen with the bedding from her crate and maybe a new basket or bed, then leave the big crate in your room or where you want her to sleep.

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