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    DefaultEvening Frequent Urination

    Our 12 wk old pup, Harper, has been doing pretty well on housebreaking.. during the day and overnight. He goes to the back door or being that I am with him most of the time during the day, I am pretty aware of knowing when he has to pee and will let him out at designated times (roughly every 2 hrs). He lasts a good 8hrs overnight.
    In the evening, after he has eaten and been taken on an appropriate walk where he has peed and pooped, we generally play with him in the house. During this time at night though he disregards everything and will pee like 3 times in 45 minutes. He will go literally where he is standing at the time.. on his toy if it happens to be under him.. with no indication that he has to go. One second he is playing, the next he is peeing.
    I realize that he is probably distracted by playing, but any tips? We take him outside after each "accident" to give him a chance to go and he just sits there. The only thing I can think of to do is play with him during this time out back, but we have a very small enclosed paved patio. He uses that space during the day to "go". I was trying not to mix play space vs business space.
    He is very excited this time of night..

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    i would get him outside more often after the walk. go back out after 10-15mins if you have to. yes there are times when you have o go out more often than others.
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    Puppies often pee after they play vigorously. Try getting him outside before you play and again directly after. Keep play time to short periods. If you play for long periods of time, he may pee in the house rather than ask to go out because he's having such fun!

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    Thanks for the tips that is was just a normal phase gang! This only last for maybe a day after original post. We did take him out every time he "paused" and now we don't even have to anymore.
    I think he was also growing so quickly that his bladder didn't catch up.

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