I have a 6 month old yellow lab who has been super to train so far. We have finally run into an issue that has a flabbergasted. Hopefully someone can give us a hand?
She loves the water and swimming, and since she was only 12 weeks old, has been difficult to keep out of the water. This isn't an issue for us, as she will be used for duck hunting a bit, and we want her to love the water.
However last weekend was the first time we were in the water with her. She seems to think that she has to retrieve us from the water when we are in. My husband jumped off the dock, and she was already in the water. If I hadn't warned him, she would have swam right up his back trying to get to his arms to pull him back to shore.
We are concerned that she may accidentally drown someone (esp kids, which we don't have yet, but there are lots around). Any suggestions for getting her to just swim in the water without attacking and trying to bring us back to shore?