Puppy Not Wanting to Pee in the Heat??
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Thread: Puppy Not Wanting to Pee in the Heat??

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    DefaultPuppy Not Wanting to Pee in the Heat??

    Hey guys, I have yet another question!

    We recently moved into a new home 2 weeks ago and Bentley has been adjusting great! His behavior has completely changed and he is doing wonderful. But he has developed a bad habit. At first, he was doing amazingly with going potty outside. But now it seems like he is getting a little...lazy?

    He has peed indoors, RIGHT in front of the back door four times now. A couple of those times, he did it while I was standing right there holding the door open for him!! Now, we live in Arizona and we are entering 105-110 degree weather. It is HOT out there. I know I just have to continue watching him very closely to avoid an accident, but I am more curious about WHY this is happening.

    Is it possible he just doesnt want to go out in the heat?


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    What kind of ground do you have? If you don't have nice green grass, it could be that the ground, cement, pavement etc burns the bottom of his feet. Even walking on wood decking that has been in the sun can burn a dog's feet. He will need a shady area, and the path to the shady area has to be out of the sun. People sometimes think that dog's paws are made to withstand the elements, but that is not true. Here's a link that might be helpful.
    Hot Feet: Protect Your Dog's Feet from Getting Burned on Hot Pavement

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