Breakthrough for whimpering!
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Thread: Breakthrough for whimpering!

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    DefaultBreakthrough for whimpering!

    Installed one of those static noise background players , you know the type that has the ocean waves,birds chirping ,forest sounds etc.

    Set it to the heartbeating mode and put it on his crate. We noticed an immediate increase in sleep duration times and a decrease in whimpering when left alone in crate. I wish we did this his first night. Chester is now 12 weeks and I guess the heartbeat mimics the sound of being by his mothers side. Very soothing. We had the most peaceful night sleep since we brought him home.

    Hope this helps someone going through their first few weeks of "puppyhood".

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    Yay! Thanks for sharing!

    Ann & Miles
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    My wife uses the same machine when we travel so she can sleep. The rain or wave action make you get up to pee thou, haha. Good idea, especially if it's working.

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