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    Roscoe has been very hyper the past couple of days...and verrrrry focused on our two cats. She usually winds up getting smacked by one of them and hissed at, but it just makes her want to play more.

    When she leaves them alone, I praise her...when she doesn't leave them alone I give a sharp sound like a balloon losing air... or a short, sharp "Heh!" I sound a bit like James Brown, really.

    At any rate, I'd like her to calm down around the cats... she's around 9 weeks old give or take... am I just dealing with general puppiness or am I going to have problems forever?

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    Hmmm, I don't know if I'm going to be much help. Harper does the same thing with our big boy cat, Jacques. But Jacques just sort of turns into a rock. LOL. Or does the fluffy kitty tail and runs away.

    I don't think I'm going to worry about it unless Harper starts to nip at our two cats. He's sniffed Jacques butt before, and I explained to him that cats don't really do that. But the breeder had 2 cats, so I think he's used to them. I'm hoping in time they'll be friends, or at the very worst just ignore one another.

    Good luck with your rowdy little girl!!!! (New pics, please!! )
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    Katie & Harper
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    Maisy is 6 mos old, we have 2 cats, and it's still a rodeo whenever the cats and pup are together. We're still using baby gates to section off "cat zone" and "dog zone," or closing cats in bedroom and letting cats out when pup is crated, etc etc. I would love to reach the point when we can all share space in peace! Maisy wants to romp with them - lots of jumping, yipping, play-bowing. It's all playful, but NOT how cats want to interact, of course. If the cats run away, the dog chases and everyone gets too excited. One cat tends to hunker down and plays possum, and Maisy ends up mouthing her all over, getting too rough, biting his legs, etc.. This seems terribly unfair to the cat, so we separate them. The other cat is more bold, sticks up for himself and swipes at the pup, which only makes her more playful, and she starts snapping her jaws - never making contact, but snapping the air in front of the cat. We separate them because I don't want it to escalate. Unfortunately, both cats are declawed, which I consider a major problem in this situation, because they can't "show her who's boss" - they can't inflict the natural cat-consequence of a scratch on the nose, so Maisy keeps trying to play. We tell her "no!" and "leave it!" in a deep voice when she's rowdy with them, and "good, gentle" when she's calm with them, but I feel like we're not making any progress. It's frustrating! Any ideas much appreciated!

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    Mine are 5, 3 and 11 weeks. They are constantly corrected for bothering the cat and it is meaningless. Don't know what the thrill is because she always cracks them with her paw and they get hollered at constantly but to no avail.

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    I saw an article somewhere about training a puppy to get along with cats, using treats they both enjoy, like hot dog bits or cheese, and the command "leave it." You might need two people at first. Put your puppy in down and tell her to stay, get the cat as close as he'll go to the puppy. While giving the cat a treat, tell the puppy to "leave it." If she stays, give her a treat. Lure the cat a step closer and repeat. Keep your pets focused on you, not eachother, rewarding calm behavior. I found it takes longer to train the cats to trust the puppy, than visa versa.

    I have 2 cats: an old boy and a 3 year old girl, and Jersey a 14 week old lab. The older male cat is the "top cat" and swats Jersey with soft paws to let her know who's boss. The younger female cat invites Jersey to a game of "catch me if you can" with escape over the baby gate, then coming back for more.

    ksweber, my cats don't use claws on the puppy...yet.

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