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    Our Daisy is a great girl, but she has a rather bizarre behavior. Anytime she has an opportunity to get into some water fun (river, beach etc.) She goes potty. Not just #1, but #2 also. Even if we exercise her beforehand and she does her business, the water seems to find more! She hasn't pottied in the house since she was a little one, but the water potty is odd (and a bit embarrassing). Anyone with a story or way to detour the water potty (don't think other beachgoers will appreciate her excitement)?

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    I would wait until she eliminates, then reward her immediately with the swimming. If she sees Potty as a way to gain access to swimming, she will do it quicker and quicker and then you can be fairly certain it gets done on dry land

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    As you mentioned, it can have to do with excitement. She gets worked up which gets the bowels going.

    When do you feed her?

    I would try and sort of water potty train her. So, similar to house training, watch for the signs and take her to a specific area (away from the water) when you see them.
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