Jersey is 10 weeks now. Here's a pic of her with her new food bowl I painted.

Jersey newest command is stay, from a down position. She's quite good at this even with the cat distracting her. Her walking on leash is getting much better. Our trainer suggested talking to her constantly, so she knows where I am; I also use the clicker, and click when she walks especially nicely—on my left, loose leash. We're also working on Leave it. I use it a lot when working with Jersey & the cats together. So cute to have the 3 of them surround me, taking turns getting hot dog bits! I'll try to get someone to get a pic of that. Jersey knows had signals for sit & down, and I just learned how to do stand, so I will teacher her that, too.

The biggest challenges are:

1. Inconsistent family training methods. The trainer said she's smart enough to adjust to everyone's different training styles or even commands. But I had it out with my husband for positively reinforcing biting, growling & barking. He says he doesn't, and all three kids chimed in Oh yes you do!

2. Stop biting people, clothes & furniture. Stop jumping up on people, clothes & furniture. Some days I would just like to sit & watch TV with Jersey at my feet, but instead I'm constantly saying Off, No biting, Off, No biting, Here bite this instead, Good girl, No—Off, No biting...

3. Housebreaking.