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    So Maggie has been doing really well. She's been crate training since about 7 weeks, nearly a month now, and has had zero accidents. I had a question about giving her water at night though / in the middle of the night.

    so last night I put her to bed about 9:30pm. About 1am she woke me up going nuts....she ran to the water bowl and I let her have a few licks of water, then I took her outside. She peed and I put her back in her crate. She didn't wake me up again, well, after I harped on her for a minute at first to be quiet. She was whining and scratching at the crate door.

    This morning she went out of her crate and ran straight to the bathroom door. She wouldn't budge. So I let her in and she drank up some water. THEN she went outside. Normally she bolts to the door to go out. So. I admit. Bad Mommy, she was obviously more thirsty then I realized.

    I know she can make it through the night without having an accident in the crate and without going out. Should I put a small bowl of water in her crate so she doesn't wake me up thirsty? Or ..... ????

    Obviously my goal her is to not be woken up because she's thirsty, only if she REALLY has to go.

    Thanks in advance!!!!

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    With both of ours, they do not normally have access to water at night (once we go to bed). When they were younger we would motivate them to have their last water before we took the bowl up (when we were crate training) or before we went to bed. Now they know that before we go upstairs is their last call.
    I would try to make sure she has water in the evening and see if this is repeating.
    The only time ours wanted water in the night, was when it was really hot outside.

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    Okay so last night I gave her water at 9pm and then that was it. She woke me up about 11pm and she went outside. But then continue to whine and cry allll nigghtt, and she hasn't done that in a really long time, but it's becoming a regular thing. Driving me NUTS. I try ignoring her, I try telling her to be quiet, and telling her to be quiet works for awhile....then she'll start back up.

    So I am thinking maybe she isn't getting enough exercise before bed? Maybe she's just too hyped up and wants to go play. So today I am going to take her on a 30 minute walk right before I go to bed and see if that helps.....

    Any other advice would be appreciated!

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