Parents: training puppy not to bite kids
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Thread: Parents: training puppy not to bite kids

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    DefaultParents: training puppy not to bite kids

    Jersey & my sons

    Or maybe the question is "training a kid not to be a chew toy"

    My youngest son is 11, and Jersey loves to play with him like he's another puppy. My son, who has special needs, won't stop acting like a puppy ex: laying on the floor, running away when she nips. My puppy trainer is away at a conference this week. Her 4-H dog obedience classes start in April.

    Any suggestions? Books? Websites?

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    I, too, have a 7 yo daughter with special needs. It was quite challenging at first when Miko, 8 weeks old, came home with us. Lab puppies tends to be mouthy, and need to be taught to control their natural instinct from a young age.

    At first we tried to keep the two of them mostly separated and worked with Miko on no biting and no jumping, and we worked with our daughter on how to be around puppies (i.e. slow movements, no running, no playing with the puppy's face). We then gradually (very gradually) let the two of them spend more time with each other. We are always there in the same room whenever they are together.

    It took a long time and a lot of intervening for the both of them to become use to each other. Miko is almost 7 months old now, and they've reached a point where they enjoy and can be trusted to be with each other even when we are not around.
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    I think I found a solution to biting, which I'm sharing here, in case someone else needs a working command. Jersey's strength is building and she drew blood biting me yesterday. The situation was urgent. So I came up with a game I call "No Biting" and it works like this:

    You need high reward treats like hot dog bits, a clicker and a delicious child.

    Let the child observe you training the dog at first. Don't let the child do it until the dog gets the idea. Put your hand in front of the dogs mouth and say "No Biting" if she bites say "Ack" or whatever your correction word is. If she licks or just touches your hand with her nose, click and reward. Try variations like wiggling your fingers, offering toes, or ankles.

    Now, your child has seen how it works, knows the command, the clicker, the reward & correction. The dog gets the idea. Hold onto the leash and let the child try under your supervision. It worked for us. Hope it works for you.

    Today, I plan to teach the new command to the rest of the family, and even the neighbor kids.

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    My 4 year old daughter is mildly autistic and she is terrified of our new 8 week old lab! She insists on having the gate up to seperate her bedroom from the rest of the house so the pup cant come near her!! I dont know what to do! She says she is mostly scared of the biting/hand mouthing and that Toby could be her friend if he would stop scaring her!! OH,..I didnt expect this to happen when I got him!!

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