I mentioned this on another post but thought it was worthy of its own post:

For all of you w/ new puppies, there is a very good issue of Just Labs magazine on the shelf NOW. It covers all of these topics. http://www.justlabsmagazine.com/comingsoon/cs106.php

I gave mine away the day after it came in the mail-- to a puppy owner who was doing all the wrong things w/ her littermate to my Roxy-- she was making her quite fearful forcing her to go on leash walks when not ready, near 4 wheelers, strange barking dogs, etc. Couldnt figure out why she was so scared!

It really opened my eyes to all of this "overachieving" going on out there. Thru 4 mos or so, it's our job to make our puppies as happy, secure, and confident as we can. Puppy kindergarten is the single most beneficial thing you can do to raise a well grounded puppy (be sure it's in a very safe, sanitary environment however). Anne