Peeing problem.
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Thread: Peeing problem.

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    DefaultPeeing problem.

    So our 14 week old puppy is getting the potty training thing down, mostly, still has his accidents every so often. My question/concern is if i'm sitting down he will come by and randomly pee at my feet, and I know he knows better. Just a little bit ago, I was sitting on the floor and he came sat in my lap, peed and then got up. Is he marking his spot, or wanting to get my attention. How do I get him to stop?

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    take him out more often, ensure to properly clean the accidents with a good deoderizer (most household cleaners will not do the job) and better surpervision.

    also try and notice if these accidents appear to happen around the same time/situation. that might be your clue (and solution to avoid it, take him out just before he gets to that point).

    I am obvisouly not there to see, but at 14weeks he is a baby so I am going to say he is neither marking nor is he trying to get your attention. he is being a puppy that hasn't fully learned the house training thing yet.
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    Yup. He's peeing because you've waited too long between pottybreaks. Or he's giving you signs that he's got to go and you're missing them.

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