When should we neuter?
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Thread: When should we neuter?

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    QuestionWhen should we neuter?

    K, so Malone is almost 9 months now, and we are debating on when to neuter him. He's attempted to hump other dogs once, but usually sticks to his doggy bed for humping. He's randomly pee'd in 3 spots in the house in the past few weeks, which I think is odd, since he's fully housebroken. He has started to growl and snarl if we try to take a toy away, especially if its one he loves.

    Anyways, nothing TOOOOOO major - but I'm just wondering - are these signs of sexual frustration? And once neutered, do they go away? How long do we wait to neuter? Our vet is fully supportive of us waiting - but I'm just worried about his behaviour.... will these things hes doing turn into habits?

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    Our vet suggested about 8-9 months old especially before the summer just because it will be uncomfortable for everyone involved A female at school was in heat on Tuesday and other than a little sniffing and (ewww) licking that was stopped quickly by the humans he didn't make any attempts on her. Wonder what labeagles would look like LOL. I did find pee in the house yesterday but it was a trail leading me to believe it was our fault...


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    Toby was neutered around 7 months and he is doing just fine.

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