Biting and afraid of cars
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Thread: Biting and afraid of cars

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    DefaultBiting and afraid of cars

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm having an issue with my Lab Avery. We enrolled him in puppy school... and he's on his 3rd week and doing well. I know he's "just a puppy" and they do bite alot because they're teething. However its not just biting, it's nipping and HARD! I've tried the scream OUCH and walk away for 10 seconds but he keeps doing it. I've given him the nyla bone and he's chewed his way through that. He has a endless supply of toys that are good to help for teething. He'd much rather bite my hands, arms, legs, clothes and anything he can get his little teeth latched onto. I've tried ice cubes and he loves them however then he pee's on the runs 2 seconds later. (something about the cold water, runs right threw him) the doggie trainer suggested to do the ouch and ignore him, we've tried the little tap onhis snout, hold his back down and yell ouch or whatever, and pulled him by his puppy skin behind his neck. I'm just at a loss of what to do! It seems it's getting worse. any advice would be helpful.

    Also i've tried to take him for walks but he's petrified of cars, he puts the brakes on. I'm wondering if he's not getting enough exercise. we let him play in the snow out back with the leash on since we dont have a fensed yard. How do we help him not be afraid of cars?!

    Thanks Rachel

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    For the biting - it may be uncomfortable for you but maybe try spraying where he bites with bitter apple or we use Bitter yuck or something from Natures Miracle. Spike also doesn't like the smell of vinegar. Spike Lives on puppy teething chews from Nbone. N-Bone. If you want to go for basic basic every time he nips say no firmly and put one of his toys in his mouth. As far as the cars, Spike was like that and we pretty much stick to the beach but when the warmer weather starts we'll probably do more street walking. Remember you are always supposed to walk against traffic so you can see if someone is driving too close and you can move out of the way . Maybe you can take him somewhere where you won't expect to walk him and let him just get used to the sound (also a good chance to teach him not to chase them or what to do).


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