Could this be an awareness of submissive peeing ?
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Thread: Could this be an awareness of submissive peeing ?

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    DefaultCould this be an awareness of submissive peeing ?

    Spike seems to always have to go out and when he does he only tinkles a tiny bit. A light bulb went off today when he wanted to go out after I yelled at him for going after the cat (will this ever end?). I had been noticing that he goes out and sometimes looks so sad when I yell (I'm Italian, we yell But really it doesn't even have to be a yell, just a reprimand. After he went out, wouldn't come in and I think ate too much wet snow and proceeded to vomit breakfast in the kitchen. I want to shovel off the deck but it's raining and will freeze overnight so i'm better off leaving something that he can sink his toes in so I put his harness on and only let him out on leash. Resolves alot of the yelling and he must not like it because he's sleeping now and not constantly at the door and doesn't try to do anything but go potty when he goes out. Could he be aware of submissive peeing and make the effort to go outside or was it just a game he was playing that the harness put an end to?


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    I hope you praise him when he pees
    I suspect he has learned peeing pays so pees a little every time he's out

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