could teething cause lack of appetite or finicky eating?
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Thread: could teething cause lack of appetite or finicky eating?

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    Defaultcould teething cause lack of appetite or finicky eating?

    anyone experience a stage of finicky eating possibly related to teething?
    one would think a lab would be ravenous at all times

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    I notice that Spike is ravenous when he is going to have a growth spurt. In between he's ok with eating but will leave some or eat a little while after I put the food out. That might be because it's alittle cold but he goes outside and crunches on ice so who knows lol


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    I can't say whether or not teething would cause finicky eating as when Aila was teething, she still ate everything in site. However, when she was around the 10 month-old range, she did go through a phase where she wasn't too keen on eating. She would sniff her food and then decide that her toys were more important. The key thing is to not make a big deal out of it. I left the food on the floor for 15 minutes. If she didn't eat it, I picked it up and she didn't eat until dinner (with a few treats here and there). By dinner time, she was hungry enough that she would eat. To this day though, she is still a 'delicate' eater - she is in no rush and takes her time. She will quite often walk away from her food and then come back a few minutes later.

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