4 week old lab help with a few questions
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Thread: 4 week old lab help with a few questions

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    Default4 week old lab help with a few questions

    Hello all I'm new in here and new to labs and puppies. I've had several dogs just never as puppies and this is my first lab.

    To make a long story short, I wasn't supposed to get the lab until she was 7-8 weeks old but the mother got some kind of disease where her milk bags get infected and she dries up. So the breeder called and told me I needed to come get her as soon as possible because he didn't have time to bottle feed all of the puppies.

    I picked her up yesterday and she is only 4 weeks old. I bottle fed her last night and left her a bowl of dog milk formula to see if she would drink it on her own while I was at work today which she did. I'm needing some suggestion and tips on how to raise her at this young of an age. She has had her shots already and is very healthy. Since I've had her she has yet to poop but she pees everytime I take her out to potty and as of now I've only had for roughly 24 hours which is why I am concerned of her not pooping yet. I've even tried rubbing her butthole and genital area with a warm washcloth to hopefully stimulate the urge to go. Also, when I got home from work today I played with her and gave her lots of attention for almost 3 hours and which she whined very loudly the whole time. She started getting sleepy so I put her back in her crate and she quickly fell asleep.

    Are there any concerns I should be worried about with her? Im concerned she hasnt pooped yet but maybe its cause she is only drinking her milk formula from the pet store. I know she is way too young to have left her momma and siblings but I had to get her as the breeder said he was gonna have to dispose of them if they didn't go fast.

    Any helpful hints and tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

    Here's a pic of her. I named her Shelby
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    I'm not very experienced with puppies yet as my first puppy is just now 12 weeks old buuuut what I do know is that you shouldn't take puppies until they are about 8 weeks because of the socialization and bite inhibition they learn from their littermates in that time frame. Do to similar circumstances I had to get my puppy at 6 weeks and it took him longer to warm up to me. What really really helped with bite inhibitition and solization was that I contacted my breeder to give me some phone numbers to the other people that took their puppies home from that litter and I let Tucker go over there off and on to play as much as possible. In total he probably spent 2 weeks with one of his siblings. I'd HIGHLY suggest that, even if you can only do it for a few days.

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    Hi tgreen I'm sure there are many members on here that will ease your mind about Shelby. She is soooooooooooo adorable...beautiful pic.

    Sorry I can't help, I'm no expert on puppies, at the moment I'm in the learning stage and hoping to get a pup soon, but if I was in the same circumstances as you have found yourself…. regarding Shelby's pooping, I would call my vet and discuss with him my concerns.

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    i am not impressed that the breeder is expecting you to cope with this - poor puppy.

    What it needs IMO is a wet nurse !

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    That's sad I hope he doesn't breed any more. If he doesn't have time to handle anything that comes up he shouldn't be thinking of breeding But anyway she is adorable. I would make sure you get her to the vet soon simply because of her age. They may have a better formula for you to give her - it could be that she is just utilizing so much of the formula that there is little waste. I agree with twsnow. If these folks took their puppies that soon they are probably worried too and some may want to get together as a support group/playgroup kind of thing. Good luck! Keep us posted!


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    I answered this thread in lab chat.
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