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    Bailey had her last "puppy visit" yesterday. Everything is great, she is losing teeth left and right, so crazy! Now it was time to schedule her big appointment...her spay surgery! It's official Bailey goes in Wednesday April 20th. I am SO nervous about this whole thing! Luckily its a day procedure and she gets to come that night, I don't know if I could handle her sleeping overnight!! Any advice on post-op? How to keep puppy calm, good cones to prevent licking? How to help ME relax?! Haha

    BAILEY 10/1/10

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    I saw these new cones at the dog store that were more foam (soft) than that hard, rigid plasticl. foam dog comnes - Google SearchWe have to make that appt too My guess is they will give her a sedative for the night. I would say to shrink her roaming room. She probably won't have very good potty manners for a few days. I've always only had boys Good luck!


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