Disrupted sleep/next day ADHD - does this happen to any other little ones?
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Thread: Disrupted sleep/next day ADHD - does this happen to any other little ones?

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    DefaultDisrupted sleep/next day ADHD - does this happen to any other little ones?

    Human terms again When we first got Spike for maybe the first 2 weeks I would get up around 2 a.m. and let him out to go potty. I'm finding out he's not much of a napper but will go to sleep for the night pretty early like 8, or lately 6 or 7 and I will get up at 6 and he's fine with that. I'll put him into his crate at about 8 or so, usually 1/2 hour after he crashes somewhere. Towards his sleepytime he will usually go out and pee and poop. Anyway, after those first 2 weeks if I let him out in the middle of the night he would really be "off" the next day. Very unfocused, sometimes mean, not very pleasant and "forced" naps (putting in crate for a couple of hours) didn't help. So I stopped doing that. Last night he crashed around 7:30 and the kids were talking to Grandma (they had her on the phone for 2 hours) and whatnot so I couldn't do the usual turn out the lights, bring Spike to bed routine. At 9:30 when I was getting him to bed I figured it was early enough to see if he wanted to potty and he went out and peed. Today was the same interrupted sleep demeanor. I guess what I'm wondering is if this is just a sleep related thing and he will grow out of it or if he will be "off" whenever his sleep might get interrupted during the night like barking at strange sounds and going to check things out, etc when he gets older...


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    I don't really know if it sleep related or just plain puppy behavior. Gracie was the kind of puppy who would have her good days and bad days....she was usually full of energy and very stubborn. The only place she would completely behave was in the car, so I would take her for lots of rides...to this day, she is wonderful in the car.

    Spike is probably going through different stages... and as he gets older and hits those *teenage years* around age 1 he will probably really test you. Be patient they all get better with time. That's why God made them so cute, so we could tolerate their unruly behavior

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    He might also be going through a growth spurt, mood and sleep are the two things I always seem to notice when this happens.

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    Scout has never had moodiness quite like you're describing, but we noticed that she is definitely not a Monday girl. She always seems to act out far more on Mondays than on any other day of the week. We can always tell when she is in a growth spurt (currently), because she will sleep a lot more. I would keep an eye on it, and if it continues, you might ask both your vet and a trainer about it. You never know what they might suggest that we're not thinking of.
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