What is the next step towards hunting?
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Thread: What is the next step towards hunting?

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    PostWhat is the next step towards hunting?

    Will someone experienced with training pups for hunting or any similar experience please tell me what to do with my black 10 week old pup. I'm only 19 and this is my first puppy but this is the progress we've made so far. I've been working mostly on obedience stuff. He can sit, lay down, come, shake, down, and drop so far and he will fetch his tennis ball for short 10 yard retrieves or so. I've let him get used to every type of bird wing and he wants to chew on all of them! I dragged a duck through the yard and hid it in a bush a few times and he found it pretty quickly. What is the next thing I should be working on? Should I not just let him chew on bird wings, I want a birdy pup but not one that thinks its ok to eat game?

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    tie duck wings to a bumper. and let him have fun retrieving that. at this point make it FUN. If you force too much on him it will backfire...QUICKLY. Get him consistent with watching you and responding to commands...and don't really let him chew on the birds yet...just exposure for now is fine. If you can hook up with a training club nearby, great...take him around where he'll hear gunfire (but not directly next to it or directly exposed to it) so it isn't a big deal. FUN FUN FUN. Always end on a good note and keep him wanting more...I wouldn't get all bent up on specifics yet. In the meantime, while he's growing, pick up some of Evan Gram's smart works training videos and books and educate yourself and find a GROUP. It's great to train with others...you won't really be able to implement force fetch or holding stuff for a while at this young stage....just keep it LIGHT. I can't stress this enough. BOND with your dog and everything else will fall into place.
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