Starting a "Puppy Primer" class
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Thread: Starting a "Puppy Primer" class

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    DefaultStarting a "Puppy Primer" class

    We will be starting a 4 week "puppy primer" class next week. It's supposed to cover nipping, chewing, leash walking, etc - the very basic basics Is there something that I make sure they touch on? He can probably head straight into obedience after this class so I don't want to find out in 2 months that he should have learned something at the beginning. Thanks!

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    it's probably designed for starting a pet puppy on the path to manners etc
    you should enjoy it - and he will too

    my 9-10 week old foster puppy walks on a leash, accepts a collar, is largely housetrained (though if you don't notice her heading for the door you'll have a puddle or worse to clean up), crate trained, sits and downs (offers the behaviour it isn't on cue yet) and comes when called . We are working hard on bite inhibition and I expect some major regression soon - so I hope she hits a home of her own before that!! It's been really wonderful having two weeks off to play with her

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    It's probably going to be a basic *manners* class and a great deal of socialization for your pup. I did a puppy kindergarten with Lola and we both had a blast. Have fun and enjoy...let us know how it goes.

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    Arg, this topic has been really frustrating for me. The topic of training and how to train and what to train. The more research I do the more I find that dog training is as opinionated as religion or politics. For me, I just pick and choose what I find of value and try it. I have around 3 training sessions a day that are short and fun. As for what the puppy needs to know before that first class, I simply asked the people at the place I am taking my dog. They told me immunization papers, collar, leash, and yummy treats. There is no training prereqs for the puppy socialization class. Layla(my puppy) and I start the class Jan 6. My goal for Layla is that she gets comfortable with other dogs and acts appropriately with them. Any thing else Layla and I can get from the class will be wonderful bonus material!

    FYI:I am a first time dog owner, not an expert. I am simply sharing limited experience I have had so far.

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    Eee Goodluck! We start puppy kindergarten on Saturday as well!

    BAILEY 10/1/10

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