Buddy pulls and chews lesh when I try to get him to walk with me.
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Thread: Buddy pulls and chews lesh when I try to get him to walk with me.

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    DefaultBuddy pulls and chews lesh when I try to get him to walk with me.

    Hi I am new to the this forum. Buddy is a 5 month old chocolate lab. He is very smart and was house trained at 12 weeks old. He sits when ask and I am now trying to get him to stay when ask. He is crate trained and trained to stay in side an electric fence.

    Right now he likes to jump up and bite how can I get this to stop. Also when I try to walk him on a lesh he pulls and chews the lead. Also when We take him to public places where other people or dogs are around he will not listen at all. Please help not sure what to do at this point.

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    Whoa! Multiple issues here.

    The dog is young, and probably getting enough confidence that he is testing you. This will continue until you get control.

    Jumping? Is he jumping to get your attention? if yes, turn your back on him, and do not respond to him until he stops. Then praise the stop.
    Biting? He is probably turning over his puppy teeth to adult teeth at that age. It could be teething, and the need to gnaw at something. But you should not tolerate his mouth on skin at this point. Loud, harsh, NO! Yelp! Anything to let him know you aren't happy with it. Shove a toy in his mouth as an alternative. Time out in the kennel.

    Walking on lead and pulling. Try a Gentle Leader or similar harness for the pulling. Encourage him to stay at your side with treats. Tie lead around your waist, do not let him pull you, stand your ground. Immediately reverse direction whenever he pulls on the lead.

    Above all, for any of these issues. CONSISTENCY on your behalf and any other member of the family that helps take care of him.
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    Good reply

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    HK's dad gave you some great advice on all points Just to reiterate any bad behaviour, jumping, biting, etc should be ignored, good behaviour praised as scolding a pup doesn't yield positive results. If you can get him into a Gentle Leader at his young age I would highly encourage it. Seriously try looping the leash around your waist when you walk & just WALK, he will follow trust me! This has always been the best way to quickly rectify bad leash behaviour for my Diesel. He seriously walks differently in a matter of minutes simply by me changing the leash from my hand to around my waist, it is amazing what a difference it makes.

    Oh & keep coming here for advice!! There is tons of it & it's like the coles note version of how to properly raise a happy, healthy Lab!
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