Getting puppy to signal he needs to go out
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Thread: Getting puppy to signal he needs to go out

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    DefaultGetting puppy to signal he needs to go out

    My 15 week old puppy is doing a nice job with housetraining. He never goes on the carpet or in his crate. He knows he should do it outside and goes to the door; however, he doesn't signal in anyway. No crying, barking, scratching etc. He just walks to the door and if I am not there to open it once he gets there, he pees on the tile by the door. I'm proud of him for knowing he needs to head that way. But how can I get him to signal? I watch him closely for most of the time but every now and then he just slips off tothe door and pees before I can get the door open. I tried a bell but he just plays and attacks it. Any suggestions? Is this just developmental? Will he eventually learn to hold it and signal me?

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    I hung bells on my back door for the same reason !

    Dylan never latched on to them though.

    I know that a few people here use bells so I'm sure that they will divulge their training methods as mine obviously suck !

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    Great question. Bells work for some dogs - but I guess we just try to take note of when our pup walks to the door and stands there. We try to give him plenty of opportunities to go out, and then keep an eye on him.... the older pup gets, the longer he'll be able to hold it. It gets easier, imo!

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    We have had the same problem a couple times. My wife wants me to train our dog to ring a bell. I haven't gotten to it yet since she is already working on 8 tasks/commands at the moment. She is 14 weeks old. How many commands is too many?

    If you do want to train your dog to ring a bell youtube has some cool videos on it.

    Here is one:

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    He is telling you...he is standing at the door. Some people have alot of success with hanging bells. Gracie just wants to play with them. The older he gets, the longer he will be able to hold it. He will learn, give it patience and time. Good luck

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    Toby(7months now) uses the bell. I read about it here so I thought I would try works!! BUT you do have to listen for it still trying to train the family on that part.

    Good luck.

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