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    We've got a big party at home this boxing day (26th Dec).. about 35-40 people will be in and around the house. I know that my baby Cherry won't be able to handle this many strangers walking around. So I was wondering what's the best thing to do in such a situation? I was thinking of leaving her in the room where she has her crate and she sleeps everyday. Still I think all the noise will make her anxious. What's the best thing to do in such a situation? I can't possibly introduce her to all 35 guests. My dog and keeping her good is my biggest priority.

    Any suggestions welcome
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    personally, I would ensure she gets plenty of exercise before the party. She may bark and cry so you may need to be prepared for that (but don't fall into her whims or she will learn a valuable lesson - if I bark I get what I want).

    Depending on the puppy and the visitors I would either leash puppy and have her come out for a visit, or have a few visitors come see her (again, depends on people and on pup). I might have someone I trust take her out mid-party for a pee and abit of a play outside (away from people) if possible (depending how long the evet will be).
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