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    Hello all. I have a 9wk old lab pup Joey. I have a few questions. Has anyone ever read Tom Dokkens Retriever Training? I like the book and it seems pretty straight forward. And when i work on the here command with joey he comes most of the time. I put a leash on him and say come, when won't come i'll give a little tug and he plants his feet. i don't want to drag him to me so i stopped tugging. is it to early for the leash? also when i play with him and throw a toy he just looks at it. Is there anything i can do while playing with him that will get him to understand that i want him to fetch the toy? And he follows my son around and chews on his ankles any tips on how to stop that. my son thought it was fun to have joey chase him and thats how it started. Also i have an older dog that joey loves to play with but i want to make sure that joey knows i,m the one in "charge" thanks dobber

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    And the fun begins. I have a Lab puppy who is just about 4 months old - with me from 8 weeks. They can walk on a leash but it is a little early. I got mine started by putting the leash on and walking backwards with treats - string cheese. It took several weeks but she can now walk very nicely for about a mile. If you have a secure fenced area for the puppy I would try teaching the come command with food as a lure. Lots of happy noices and a high pitched pup-pup-pup helps also. We no longer use the pup-pup-pup call but my granddaughter who just truned three does and the puppy comes to her every time - funny. Say the puppies name, followed by come and drop a treat between your feet. Lavish praise on him and don't try it from too great a distance.

    We got our puppy to start retrieving by using a hard rubber ball with a squeaker. It did not happen right away but now she is a retrieving machine. Funny when she brings back a full size soccer ball. As far as the nipping, we had a bad case of that. Playing with other dogs was the best cure, especially since you have one. The older dog will correct the puppy. Until then bitter yuk or bitter apple sprayed on the socks and shoes might help.

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    Thanks. i will try that.

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