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    My Lab is now a little over 6 months. He is a very friendly pup to the point that he gets so excited when friends and family come around that he nibbles them and or puts his mouth around there arm not really biting hard. I cant get him to stop? After they have been there awhile he calms down, any advice would be helpful. Thanks

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    You can teach him an alternate behavior when people come over - like doing a sit/stay. Teaching some self control by making him wait for things (meals, treats) helps too.

    One of my dogs when young was so overwhelmed when we would have visitors that he would sort of lose his mind - just immaturity on his part - so I would routinely crate him for the first 20 minutes or so when guests were arriving. He would be just fine when I let him out.
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    My Gracie was and still is at times like this. She gets so overly excited by people, she just acts crazy. BigBrownDog gave some good suggestions. You could also try redirecting with a toy, maybe that would help.

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    I did as the same as Sharon with Kassa.As Sharon said it is immaturity. Kass was a horrible mouther and nipper until she was about 1 year old. If she did it to me I yelped loudly.

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