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    My lab is 12 weeks old. When I got him two weeks ago the breeder said to feed him two cups a day. Well he has grown like a weed since then and acts as if I starve him. Should I be feeding him more at this point?

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    My pup, a female, is 16 weeks old. I am feeding her 1 1/4 c. 3 x a day plus about a half cup of kibble and treats for training. I tried to increase her food but her tummy is not ready for it. She also acts starved most of the time - it is a lab thing. Mine is gaining 2 - 3 pounds per week. My old lab had two major parts to her day, waiting for breakfast and waiting for dinner.

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    From my experience it depends on the age/weight and pet food you are feeding on how much to feed. If you're feeding a cheap food you'll just have to feed more. For younger dogs I also heard feeding 3 times a day helps with potty training as they're growing "inside" too and feeding less more frequently can help (some say to do this upto 6 months). I'd definitely recommend adjusting the feeding every 3-4 weeks as they're growing both in age and weight.

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