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    Does anyone have a training tip for a dog that like to grab food off of the kitchen counter? I know the best method would be to never leave her alone in the kitchen, but that just not possible 100% of the time.
    I've heard ideas about leaving cookie sheets on the counter, so that when she knocks it to the floor, the noise scares her. Has anyone tried that?
    RJ in NJ

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    I've always found a stern "OFF!!!!!" works if they try it in the garage (where they are fed and more of a doggy zone). In all my years of having labs in the house, I've never had one try to counter surf in the house, even if I leave a plate of food w/in reach. I guess I nip any thought of it so early they know better. Just be FIRM and clear that the behavior wont' be tolerated and you'll be fine.

    WindyCanyon Girls, August 2014

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    I taught mine "Leave It" and they do. It is a valuable command as you never know when something dangerous and tempting is going to be within chomping distance and you need to be able to verbally stop them from nabbing it.

    My 2 Labs have never countersurfed - but I did have a dog that was a terrible counter surfer.

    For her - I used a scat mat which produces a mild electric charge when a paw touches it. Nothing more painful than static electricity. The counter then has a negative association for the dog. It is what finally did the trick for her.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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