Newbie Lab owner with question about walking
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Thread: Newbie Lab owner with question about walking

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    DefaultNewbie Lab owner with question about walking

    Our Chocolate Lab, Lucy, is now 4 months old and we have had her since 8 weeks of age. She has a very high energy level and I have been walking her 2X daily for 30-45 minutes each walk and she never seems to tire (I can't imagine her not getting this exercise.) This was before I read about the "five minute rule." So now I am a bit paranoid about causing hip problems.
    I notice that when she walks at a slow pace, her mid-section moves side to side quite a bit - to the point that it looks a bit awkward. As soon as she picks up the pace, she straightens her walk out. Is this normal?
    All advice is appreciated - thank you.

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    hard to say without seeing. But my own dogs walks with quite the wave/waggle.

    Walks are not the best way to tire a dog of any age, best to let them run around, chasing a ball, or you, or play with another dog (if they have complete their shots and all that). Or play games in the house/yard. They are an important PART of the routine though (good mental exercise and structured exercise)
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    My pup definitely has a "waggle" when she's slowly walking about.

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    My Lola walks with a very exaggerated wiggle and she does have severe HD...but that is not a good or only indicator of HD, a lot of dogs walk with a wiggle. Lola also has trouble with steps sometimes and when she over does it she favors one leg.

    I agree with Tanya...walks don't tire them out very with other dogs or a game of fetch helps. It takes a lot to tire mine out, and with Lola's bad hips too much running around is a no no. Training is a good way to mentally tire them out too. Gracie would be exhausted after obedience class. You could work on obedience commands with you pup...that might help too.

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    Yeah, mine has a waggle too.

    The BEST thing that tires my pup out is being with other dogs and getting stimulated. If your dog has shots, you could take him to the dog park. I know its tricky - if you are in between shots, etc - and you don't want the risks involved.

    Also, puppy classes were wonderful for my dog - another place he can get socialized. Even taking your dog over to some friends with an older, well-behaved dog is a great idea - puppy can be corrected by an older wiser dog and he gets tired out faster.

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    Labs swagger. It's not a symptom of anything IMO.

    I would not call a 30 minute walk excessive exercise - but forced running would be.

    If you want to tire her out - fetch and free play with other dogs (preferably dogs you know rather than the unknown quantities that show up at dog parks) work better.
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    My Lab (same age as yours) also has the mid section waggle and like you, I was sort of freaked like you when I noticed this. Other than that, she's happy with running and walking so I do not think anything is wrong. It's reassuring to hear that my dog is not the only one with this.
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