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    Is it harmful for a puppy to running or playing on a tile floor 24 hours a day?

    I was thinking of picking a mat up this weekend because my pup is constantly falling down when she jumps up and when decides to run around in circles. She also trips over the crate when she walks in and out because of the way the crate was built.


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    Is it slippery? Normal floor tile is not a problem. If it is really slippery (which floor tile generally is not) I'd put down the mat.
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    There are conflicting opinions, see for example:

    TheCedarViewRanch.com (slipping can cause joint issues)

    Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America, Inc. (environmental factors do not cause CHD)

    Common sense would suggest that injuries are more likely on slick floors than on good footing and that an injury when young can have arthritis consequences down the road, whether or not there is genetic predisposition to joint disease. It's not just joints, young adults have also been known to rupture cruciate ligaments in a variety of ways. Hopefully other people will answer so you can see more opinions, but really in my opinion it is better to use an ounce of prevention now than a ton of cure later, common sense.

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