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    My lab pup plays a lot with my Lhasa, since the day she came home, with 45 days old. Now she is 3 months old and she still plays, but I fear she may be playing too rough... she tears the lhasa hairs and jumps on her, biting very strongly and all..ending up with lots of Lhasa hair coming out of her mouth, and lately, on her poop too. I wonder if it will be like this when she grows more, because if so, she will end up killing the poor dog haha.. is this alright? When I go greet her in the morning she plays very roughly with me too, jumping around, trying to jump on me, sometimes even biting my feet..she loves to lick and bite my face, she starts licking, and when she bites I say no and she goes back to licking..Is all of this ok? If not, what should I do?
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    Videos of her here:

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    Ugh. I know. I posted about this issue (which I thought was aggression) a few weeks ago. but I'm thinking.... it's just puppy behavior. I try to ignore and push puppy down when he tries to jump up on me. And usually after a walk (when he's overtired) he gets REALLY hyper and starts to run in circles around me, wanting me to play, and nipping/biting at my legs. SOO annoying. Slowly but surely I THINK it's getting better.

    Bottom line - they are puppies. They WILL grow out of it. RIght??? (Someone else please soothe our fears! ha ha)

    Not sure about the rough play with your Lhasa, though... I'm not well-versed in dog vs dog... :P

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    I use the ignore method whenever Apollo got too rough, or I would even put him in his crate to calm him down. Time out didn't have to last long at all. I don't know what I would do with the Lhasa issue though. Whenever Apollo gets too rough at puppy playtime (socialization class) I pull him back and calm him down before letting him play again. Oh and remember, any reaction, either negative or positive, is a reaction, so it will reinforce the behavior.

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