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    I have a 4 month old black lab and he jumps on everyone he meets. I've been short leashing him and stepping on his leash when anyone comes near him to prevent him from jumping but he is getting very strong very fast. It becoming increasingly more difficult..... help!

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    Work on sit to say hello. First, rope in a friend or two that will follow instructions to the letter (promising dinner or wine usually helps). Second, leash puppy and stand in the middle of a fairly open room, and ask him to sit. Have your friend quietly approach you - both of you are watching the puppy - if he gets up or tries to jump, your friend IMMEDIATELY turns around and steps back several feet. Pause for a few seconds until you get puppy back into a sit, then repeat - friend approaches, doing abrupt aboutfaces if the puppy breaks. Once your friend is able to reach you, they do NOT interact with the puppy yet - they simply say hello to you and then continue moving on. Once the puppy is happily holding his sit as your friend passes, have them stop and say "hi fido" as they hold their hand out for a sniff. Again, if the pup breaks, about face and back off. Work up to having them greet your puppy more and more enthusiastically, insisting on interaction ONLY if the puppy stays seated.. anything less, and the fun person immediately leaves.

    When you are on walks, of course you can't expect random passersby to follow your instructions, but you can still work on getting sits as they pass you by - you may need to give yourself some distance initially, by moving up on to yards etc.

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    Yeah, this is exactly what our trainers are telling us. And it works! We tested it out on Malone last week and his jumping has almost disappeared! He didn't like getting someone's back and getting 'tricked' every time. :P

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    yep. the good ole "sit" trick.
    zoe was a jumper. Our behaviorist told us that Zoe has 2 options. To "sit" or to "sit"
    Linda and Zoë, the Umlaut
    Honolulu, Hawaii


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