How to stop playful (but annoying!) barking in a 4mth old puppy?
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Thread: How to stop playful (but annoying!) barking in a 4mth old puppy?

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    DefaultHow to stop playful (but annoying!) barking in a 4mth old puppy?

    Hi all! I'm asking this on behalf of my Mom and her 4mth old border collie mix. Hopefully someone has some suggestions, because I'm stumped. Her puppy is a bit of a barker. He doesnt bark at people or cars, etc. But if he bumps into something in the midst of his puppy spins, say the coffee table or a wall, he'll turn and bark his head off at it. Also, he pushes her rocking chair to get it rocking and barks at that. When he gets excited and playful, he'll bark at most anything. His toys, etc. I puppy-sat him for a few days recently and he barked non-stop while playing with my dogs. It gets old quick! With my dogs, I've always gently but firmly grabbed their muzzle and said 'quiet' but if he's running around, my Mom cant keep close enough to him to do that. So, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    That would drive me up a wall.

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    I would probably try the squirt bottle method with some lemon juice in it. When the puppy starts to bark squirt the mouth and say quiet. Also, being the breed that he is, they are inclined to be more vocal and really need to have their minds kept busy. Check to see if there are any Sirius puppy training classes available in the area. I love their beginning classes but do not like the later ones only because "I" cannot stand clicker training. Drives me batty. Otherwise, check into some puppy kindergarten classes with a trainer who is familiar with Border Collies and their needs.


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    can she redirect his attention? in obedience classes they often have owners of barky dogs do this (just keep givng commands and reward). at that age just a loud sound, or throwing a toy can often distract a puppy enough (stop the tought pattern that has them barking).

    Maybe up the trianing as well, BC's are SMART working dogs (generally speaking) and the pup may do better with just more training/mental stimulation. (not surprising that a bc would bark like that at an object, he may want it to "do" something!)

    The lemon juice would be option two, might take awhile for the pup to figure out what the link is (why he is getting lemon juice squirted in teh mouth) Especially i fhe is barking AND doing something else (ie. playing with other dogs) he may think that "other thing" is why he is being punished.

    Barking when he plays with other dogs may very well be teh hardest one to break but for the rest it should be doable.
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