Any advise to stop Gemma peeing inside.
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Thread: Any advise to stop Gemma peeing inside.

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    DefaultAny advise to stop Gemma peeing inside.

    She doesn't bark to go out or let me know she wants to go so I send her out regularly. I give lots of praise and treats when she goes.
    The back door is open all day and at night if Erns barks to go out I send her out too.

    I watch and see her squat so think good she has gone. A few moments later find she has peed inside. I can't work out why she squats pretending to go and doesn't.

    I don't let her out of my sight and if I can't watch her crate her. I don't like doing this as when Laura has her she is in a small crate for long hours. Gems belongs to Laura who is away a lot and because she spends to much time in the crate I take her.

    Earlier I put them out, put a log of wood on the fire, turned and thought where is Gemma. By the time I stood up I saw her coming out of the room she pees in. Yep pee on the floor.

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    Is she peeing often? Could she have a UTI?

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    Is it just in the one room Chris???

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