Puppy too afraid to go for a walk
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Thread: Puppy too afraid to go for a walk

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    DefaultPuppy too afraid to go for a walk

    My 16 week old lab refuses to go out for a walk. She is fine walking on the leash in the back yard, but is terrified of EVERYTHING in the neighborhood, the park etc. She is particularly afraid of moving cars. We have had her since she was 8 weeks and other than this she is a wonderful puppy with a really sweet temperment. I have tried to lure her with treats and tried carrying her away from the house but it doesn't help. Any advise would be great. Thanks.

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    Desensitize her by taking her to places with lesser stimuli. Hope this helps.

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    She is probably in a fear period. Agree with the above - keep socializing her but work up to busy locations - she is probably overloaded by cars/noises.
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