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    hi,i wonder if anyone can help...i have a 3yr old lab and a 5yr old springer,the problem i have is with my lab,generally he is good natured and nearly well behaved! on acouple of occasions recently when he has been down the park he has attacked other dogs.this doesnt happen everytime we go out,one minute he is chasing his ball then he comes over to where my springer is playing with the other dog,all the time he is wagging his tail,suddenly without provocation he has the other dog around the neck and has to be pulled far luckily he hasnt done any damage but im so concerned that he is behaving like this, i dont know what to do.i have thought about putting a muzzle on him but then he cant chase his ball and he doesnt do it all the time...he isnt like it with my springer or aggressive towards me.any suggestions?

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    Have you tried bringing him there without the Springer to see if he behaves the same way towards other dogs? My guess is that he is "protecting" his partner when he acts like that.

    The truth is not all dogs are good candidates for dog parks. I don't go to the one that is a block from my house anymore because the cast of characters there is ever changing and often inappropriate dogs are there. I used to have a dog who was not good in a dog park - she was not aggressive per se - but reacted badly to the mobbing that always happens when a new dog arrives.

    I much prefer to have doggie play dates with a few familiar safe dogs where I can expect a certain kind of behavior to happen. Much better than waiting for your dog to jump another one (or vise versa).
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