A lot of you know I just brought home a 4 year old beagle. Well he used to hump Buck my lab and that has gone down especially since Buck started putting a stop to it. So they are sorting that out.

Buck has a bed that he sleeps on and spends a lot of time on. Rolley the beagle is obsessed with humping this bed every chance he gets. I correct him as soon as I catch him but every now and then he sneaks in a hump when I am not looking. today he even went as far as to pee on it. I keep a close eye on him usually because I dont completely trust him yet but today I failed.

I am thinking he did this because it is Buck's bed and so he marked it. Has anyone experienced this before? And how did you deal with it? Now I am afraid that he will mark anything and any spot that Buck spends a lot of time on in the house. This whole humping dominance marking thing is just something I have never experienced with Buck. I am a feeling a little lost and frustrated on how to deal. Any kind of suggestions or idea will be appreciate. Beyond just keeping a close watch on him or crating him when I can't watch him I am not sure what else to do. I feel like doing just that is not going to fix the issue because the second I don't pay attention he will be at it again. He is otherwise a good dog and didnt pee or poop in the house at his previous owner's but that's probably because he was the only dog.

Oh and I have been working on obedience training with him every day since the day he moved in. He has already shown some noticeable change in how well he listens to me. Now it is a matter of him learning how to live with another dog and I don't know how to teach him