Trainer Recommendations in Chicago?
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Thread: Trainer Recommendations in Chicago?

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    DefaultTrainer Recommendations in Chicago?

    Hi all, very quick first question. I did some research today on private puppy training in the Chicagoland area, and was surprised to see so many trainers in the area. They all have glowing recommendations on their websites, but I wanted to see if anyone else lives in the area and has had private or group classes here.

    The reason we're leaning toward private training at first, is we all have rather hectic summer schedules (my fiance, son, and myself), and we felt it was important we were all together in the early sessions so that we all benefit from proper techniques... Group and socializing will come later.

    Thanks for any input!

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    It's tough. Pretty much anyone can hang a shingle out and call him- or herself a dog trainer, and most of the certifications aren't guarantees of much. Certification by APDT ( is a good baseline, and if they've been through the Karen Pryor Academy (Dog Trainer Program Now Open! | Karen Pryor Academy) or San Francisco SPCA training program that's good too. But you really have to go to a few classes and interview the trainer to see if they use methods you approve of, and if you'll click personally. When we first got Theo I signed up for classes with someone in our area (at the time) who had all the right credentials, and she ended up being a sociopathic nutball. I'm really glad we didn't do private trainings with her!

    I hope you'll get some more specific answers. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the quick pointers about the certifications. Indeed, most of the places I called listed large quantities of certifications, knowing they're not all too difficult to come by should help narrow the list down. The phone conversations I had were all pretty formal and cordial, but in the end I believe you're right and a meeting will be necessary...

    Hopefully someone here has had a wonderful experience in the area and will make all this much easier.

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