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    DefaultNeed Training Book Advice

    I've got a 9 week old chocolate that I think is time to start training. I'm looking for the best book advice you guys have to offer. What training books have worked best for you?

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    What goals do you have for your dog? That might matter as to what suggestions you get.

    In general, many folks like John and Amy Dahl's The 10 Minute Retriever. Culture Clash is very popular with non-field folks.

    I would be out of my area if you want to do something very specific like agility or go for your OTCH, and will leave that to others.

    Good luck with your puppy!
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    A really good book for basic Labrador stuff is Labrador Retrievers for Dummies.

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    I also have a 9 week old puppy (yellow)! Haven't had a puppy for many years and my old training books are pretty outdated. I bought Dog Training for Dummies and I think it's really good. Not lab-specific, but it covers just about everything and is very readable.

    Alfred (aka Freddy), May 2010

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    Jean Donaldson's new book/dvd set "how to train like a professional" (or something similar)

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    For very young pups like yours is right now, google Nothing in Life is Free -- it's powerful and a method of training you can use at mealtimes.

    Also, I VERY much like Jean Donaldson's "Culture Clash" which, in paperback, is available used from Amazon for about $5. Although to some it's written with kind of a smart-ass tone, all of her protocols and timings, etc., are consistent with the best practices of learning theory. The only important things, IIRC, she didn't cover that I wish she had were generalization and positive and negative transfers of learning.

    I'll ETA a link to her book in Amazon Customer Reviews: The Culture Clash: A Revolutionary New Way to Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs

    A book by the Monks of New Skete was highly recommended to me by a vet. I bought it but didn't like it because it was so heavily slanted toward dominance of the pup by the master. Possibly they've revised their views since then? but there are better alternatives.

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    I also like Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson. There is also Positive Perspectives by Pat Miller. It promotes a lot of the same training principles but a little easier to read. Both books talk about training from the dog's perspective.

    PS For any one who read this before I edited it: Hampton stepped on my keyboard and shut my computer down. In the process he dropeed his chewy on me and washed my face. Gotta love a lab.
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