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    QuestionPuppy Feeding Questions


    I've just been having a conversation with a friend and looking over some articles online and I was wondering if anyone could advise on what amounts you should be feeding a puppy and how often...

    Currently my Puppy is 9 weeks old and weighs about 6 kg...

    We currently feed him 3 times a day but we try to train him a lot so he gets lots of treats spaced out throughout the day...

    So my main questions are:

    - Can I feed a mixture of raw mince/tripe and dried puppy food? or is this too much protein not enough calcium..

    - Should I be putting in any additional food types to supplement protein or calcium or other minerals, such as giving him milk (heard its not good for them) or other house hold foods?

    - We usually feed him a 3rd of a tin each meal with some dried puppy food (Burns) is this too much or too little? (we feed him 3 times a day with lots of treats spread out for training)

    - He has recently started picking up stones in the back garden and attempting to crunch them, he sometimes spits them out but I'm a bit paranoid that he is going to swallow them and cause himself some injury... is this normal?

    - How much weight should he be putting on a week (roughly) for steady growth?

    Sorry for all the questions but I just wondered if anyone could put my mind at ease a bit, still new to this whole owning a dog thing
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    Here's what I tell my puppy people and remember these are generalities.

    As to food, I recommend approx. one cup per month of life. So your puppy is 9 weeks or just over 2 months of age. I would feed him 2 cups of food per day. At 2½ months you'd increase the food to 2½ cups, at 3 months increase to 3 cups. You can do this until the puppy is approx. 6 months of age, keeping an eye on the waistline. Adjust accordingly if he starts to look pudgy. I like a bit of substance to my puppies as they are growing. IMO they need it in order for everything to grow properly. I'm not talking fat, but I'm not talking thin either.

    My puppies gain approx. 2 pounds per week. I don't do metric so I'm not sure how much that would be for you.


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    Are you in the UK?

    I'm VERY concerned at your mention of supplementing the calcium.

    Anything much above 1.2% has been shown in numerous studies to increase the rate of later joint problems in large breed (& giant breed) dogs -- LB puppies are those dog breeds which, at adulthood, will typically weigh 25 kg. or more.

    This link gives some basic UK information: How to Feed Your Large Breed Puppy | eHow.co.uk

    I think if you feed a GOOD Large breed Puppy food you should not need to add extra ingredients.

    In the USA, I would prefer something like the ingredients in the Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy food and I'll ETA a link showing its list of ingredients and analysis.

    Dry Puppy Food for Large Breed Puppies | Diamond Pet Foods

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    Yeah im in the UK, currently we are not doing any supplements or anything. We feed him primarily on mince/tripe, occasionally putting in bits of carrot for extra fibre. We did buy a pack of dried bits which we use as treats for mundane things he already knows and to mix in with some meals.

    Thats why i wanted to ask the questions as ive heard the sometimes you need to give them extra supplements if you are only feeding them the same sort of things...

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